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Aracajú, Sergipe, Brasil


Aracaju was founded in 1855, planned and sketched in the shape of a chessboard. It is now a modern city, with the old mansions and their backyards replaced little by little with skyscrapers. Considered one of the prettiest, Aracaju’s coastline is one of the main tourist attractions in the state. The coastal front has a steady breeze which cools the atmosphere by a few degrees, making the temperature just right. Besides Atalaia beach, Aracaju coastal front is formed by eight other beaches: Coroa do Meio, Praia dos Artistas, Havaizinho, Aruana, Náufragos, Robalo, Mosqueiro and Prainha do Vaza Barris. Their greatest characteristic is the total absence of rocks and the nice temperature, perfect for the elderly and children. Only five minutes crossing the waters, on Santa Luzia Island, we have access to Costa and Atalaia Nova beaches. Aracaju food and drink prices are approximately 1/3rd of the price of the some western countries. This makes holidays and retirement affordable in Aracajú. The people are exceptionally friendly and crime is low.

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