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Compliance with governmental requirements for Covid testing and vaccination is the passenger's responsibility.

Traveling to Brazil:
“International travelers, Brazilians or foreign nationals, must present to the airline conducting the flight, before boarding with destination to Brazil, a RT-PCR or antigen test for Covid-19 with a negative/non-reactive result. The RT-PCR test must be performed within 72 hours before boarding. The antigen test must be performed within 24 hour before boarding.”
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Click here for a list of Covid RT-PCR testing sites in Florida.

Also, a “Traveler's Health Declaration” (Declaração de Saúde do Viajante - DSV), is required for travel from the USA to Brazil. This form is filled-out online by visiting:

Returning to the United States:
“Beginning December 6, 2021, all air travelers, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, will be required to show a negative pre-departure COVID-19 viral test taken the day before they board their flight to the United States. For example, a passenger whose flight to the United States is at any time on a Sunday would need to have a negative test taken at any time on Saturday.”
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Also, a CDC Passenger Attestation form is required to enter the United States. To print form, visit:

Embarcando para os EUA:
“É obrigatória a apresentação do certificado de vacinação digital no app Conecte SUS + teste para COVID-19. Não será aceito o certificado de vacinação manual, retirado no posto de saúde.”

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