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Package Tours (air quoted separately)

Discover Brazil Tours are independent tours. You have the freedom and flexibility to design and take your tour as you please, without the restrictions of having to travel with a group.

In each city, a host will greet you as you exit baggage claim. Your host will assist you with hotel check-in, sightseeing, and with any other special arrangements. Your host represents a local, professional tour company carefully selected by Discover Brazil Tours.

In addition to arranging hotel and ground services, Discover Brazil Tours will provide airline tickets at competitive prices, since Discover Brazil Tours is an established airline ticket consolidator for the major US and Brazilian airlines serving Brazil. Passengers sometimes wish to arrange their own air, which is acceptable. Once a confirmed airline reservation exists by any means, Discover Brazil Tours will request hotel and ground service confirmation. All tours are customizable. Please see Tour Conditions.

Rio de Janeiro
3 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours from USD$ 389

Buenos Aires, Argentina
3 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours from USD$ 339

Rio de Janeiro (3), Salvador da Bahia (3)
6 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours from USD$ 999

Rio (3), Iguassu Falls (1), Buenos Aires (3)
7 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours from USD$ 1,549

Rio (3), Iguassu Falls (2), Amazon River (Manaus) (2)
7 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours from USD$ 1,549

Minas Gerais, 5 Historical Cities
4 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours in Congonhas, Tiradentes, São João del Rey, Ouro Preto & Mariana from USD$ 1,150

Discover Brazil:
Rio de Janeiro (3), Iguassu Falls (2), Salvador da Bahia (2), Brasília (1) Manaus (2)
10 nights Hotel, Transfers & Tours from USD$ $2,675