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Brazil Airpass

Arriving on TAM
Flights in Brazil W Class L Class V Class Q Class
1-4 $532 $639 $734 $845
5 $672 $807 $928 $1,067
6 $792 $951 $1,093 $1,257
7 $912 $1,095 $1,259 $1,448
8 $1,023 $1,239 $1,425 $1,638
9 $1,152 $1,384 $1,590 $1,829

Arriving on any Carrier
Flights in Brazil W Class L Class V Class Q Class
1-4 582 689 784 895
5 772 907 1,028 1,167
6 932 1,101 1,243 1,407
7 1,112 1,295 1,459 1,648
8 1,282 1,489 1,675 1,888
9 $1,452 $1,684 $1,890 $2,129
Request Brazil Airpass

Eligibility: Available to passengers who reside outside Brazil and hold an international scheduled ticket to Brazil. Only one Air Pass may be sold in conjunction with each international ticket.

Maximum stay: 30 days.

Qualifying Frequent Flyer: Any frequent flyer program ticket.

Connections: Two connections are permitted in order to arrive at ultimate destination.

Taxes: The Brazilian Government will charge $8 per flight coupon as tax. To determine your total fare plus tax, ask a travel consultant at Discover Brazil Tours to plan and confirm your actual itinerary, applying information from the planning tables above. The consultant will present your total price including fare plus the Brazilian tax, and any travel agency service fee, which will be based on the complexity of your itinerary.

Period of Application: Year-round

Baggage Allowance: For domestic sectors flown in connection with an international routing, the free baggage allowance will be that permitted for the international routing.

Children/Infant Fares: Children: no discount; Infant: 10 percent of the applicable adult fare.

Rebooking/Rerouting: Any Time with penalty USD $30.00, plus agency exchange processing fee.

Refunds for cancellations: Before departure: Refund the fare paid less USD $30.00, plus agency refund processing fee. After Departure: Not refundable.

Routing: Same sector may not be flown more than once in the same direction.